Christmas: The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

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This was originally part of the UDW Advent Calendar 2009.


Special - The Waters of Mars Wallpaper

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A bit rushed, I know..


Wave Two - Fantastic!

(Click to enlarge!) I was in a pretty random mood when I made this, so lets not talk about it...
Well, that's the last of Wave Two! Next week I will be uploading the first set of avatars, and Wave Three blends will be coming later this year!


Holiday? No...

(Click to enlarge!) This blend shows how there's always gotta be something, even when the Doctor wants to take just a small break, there has to be a half man half fly monster lurking about and a swarm of manta rays flying in the sky!


Wave Two - Home of The Timelords

(Click to enlarge!) The name says it all basically. :)


Wave Two - Changed Lives

(Click to Enlarge!) This blend represents the changes that have happened to both Donna, Rose and Martha since they met The Doctor. Their lives have changed and they have grown.


Wave Two - The New Girl

(Click to Enlarge!) This part two of the same themes blends with Karen Gillan! Ive noticed if you blend the Matt Smith and Karen Gillan images together, it makes a really cool picture! Try it out!



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